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because i feel as though you are being bombarded with asks about the election and what’s next, could you possibly write your headcanons about any character you want (you don’t actually have to answer this i just think we all need a break from so many anons asking about the unfortunate election)

Most of the Resistance doesn’t have a chip.

Dameron does, because he defected from an actual starfleet strike team of the legit Republic, which had the money to shell out for things like that. It’s just a faint raised bump on the soft skin of his upper arm, barely noticeable unless he’s showing you, his flight suit pushed down and finger tracing the path of his radial artery—there, he told Pava once. right there. my own godsdamn black box.

(That one time his heart stopped for eight seconds—long story, mostly boring—he came back to a furious General Organa, who informed him that he was not allowed to die, and even if he disobeyed a direct order and did, he was not allowed to send her that holo.

Poe doesn’t even remember what his last will and testament says anymore, he was so young when he recorded it, uplinked it to the chip. It doesn’t matter; he trusts the General to do what she thinks is right.)

The Resistance doesn’t have money for that sort of thing though, so most of the rest of them get by with—what they can. Kare uploaded hers to the ‘net, gave the password only to her mother. Snap’s husband made him actual metal tags, inscribed with his name and their holonumber, something not written in Basic that everyone suspects is a love note, given how red and flustered Snap gets when they tease him about it.

Ello had been writing it all down on flimsi, his whole life story. They only found out when Black Squadron went to clean out his rooms—apparently Dameron punched a wall and fractured his hand so bad he couldn’t fly for three weeks.

(To my clutch, Ello had written on the first page. I have done this for you.

No one knew Ello had kids.)

“Do you have…?” Rey asks General Organa once, out of sheer curiosity. She gestures to her arm, that place where Poe keeps his dying wishes. 

“Not anymore,” Leia says absently. She does not touch the small knot of scar tissue at her wrist where Luke cut the implant out of her, his eyes wide and hands shaking, but his mouth set in a hard line. She does not talk about how she’d sobbed into Han’s shoulder, crying in a confused jumble of Acano and Tu’un and Basic for everything she had lost in one moment of blinding light.

A chip is for preserving your last words, last wishes, for those who wait for you to come home. It has been a long time since anyone was waiting for her.

Never mind the “Who shot first?” stuff; THIS is the defining moment of the Han Solo character:









Everyone else was just like: “Oh, fuck: It’s Vader!” and standing around in shock and terror when Vader was revealed. Even Chewie.

Most people, I suspect, would have that reaction. 

Meanwhile, Han’s first reaction, instinctively, in less than a second, was to grab a gun and try to flat-out end the guy.

He failed, of course. But God Damn if you can’t appreciate the effort. 

Also, he grabs his girl’s hand. Not only is he going to end Vader, he’s going to do so while reassuring the woman he loves that this monster who tortured her won’t hurt her again as long as he’s there to do something about it.

The point of this scene:

Han was nothing to Vader. Not really. Han was just a normal, average guy. Vader didn’t think too much of him. 

“I have superpowers; you don’t!”

But then: doesn’t Han show more love, affection, guts and courage in this moment than any Jedi warrior ever could? 

Thus, Vader is shown up.

Attempting to kill an evil wizard with a regular gun is one of the most Han Solo things ever. I don’t think most people would even bother trying, because you can’t just shoot Darth Vader, right? Of course not. But Han’s gonna goddamn try it anyway.

Yeah, basically’ Han tried.

Sometimes that’s all you can ever ask of someone. 

Just one of many reasons I love this man

With Han, you never have to wonder, “Why didn’t he just shoot them?” Whenever you’d think that, he shoots them.

Han Solo is a practical soul and if he’s got the chance to just shoot them he’s gonna take it

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Mark Hamill and Bob Anderson practicing lightsaber skills at Elstree Studios London for Return of the Jedi @retrostarwarsstrikesback

Nice pants, Mark.
Nice pants.

Ywn work out with Luke

You wanna see Luke becoming the Jedi he is?

Watch this. It’s hypnotic.

I reblog this gif every damn time, it’s just that hypnotic.

I put this next to that gifset of Sebastian Stan practicing his knifework for WS and um. Yeah. I have a theme AND a problem.

Sorry not sorry. :/