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tbh i find it gross that fandom is acting like there’s something wrong with Rhodey being paralyzed after all the demands to see disability portrayed (and portrayed well) in the MCU. There’s nothing wrong with Rhodey being paralyzed. There’s something wrong with sidelining him because of it and the canon ignoring that it ever happened.

Potential Civil War Spoilers?

Ok, so this pic is a screen grab right off Marvel’s website (they put up their Civil War merch collection and I am weak) so it’s not like I had to go hunting for it.  Just look at it and tell me if you’ve got the feeling I’ve got.

There’s also a Falcon vs. War Machine set but it didn’t fit neatly in the pic.

I’ve got a feeling…

Aren’t Black Widow and Iron Man supposed to be on the same team?  Everyone else is paired off with someone from their opposite, so I would EXPECT Black Widow vs. Hawkeye.  

Wouldn’t you expect Iron Man vs. Cap at the top of the charts?  Like, that’s the whole crux of the movie, right?  So why is Iron Man “vs.” Black Widow?  I think people who had been speculating that Natasha was putting her espionage skills to use are dead on the money.

(And also I refuse to believe that the Russos would treat Natasha as poorly as Joss did with her abrupt detour into Hulkville and don’t want to think that they’ve Joss’d all the great relationship building and growth they did between Natasha and Steve in Winter Soldier.)

We may have a winner (body horror cw)



buckyballbearing replied to your post: Who has seen the leaked Ant Man footage?

Theory that this is not the first time Bucky has attempted to tear his own arm off from the dysphoria or pain. Steve and Sam are out of line for talking at him like he’s not there, but they just keep finding him like this and they’re out of Cope.

The first time they caught him trying it, Bucky was completely wasted on a cocktail of the strongest painkillers he could get his hands on. Steve thought at the time that it was the most horrifying thing he’d ever seen.

That was before he saw Bucky try it without the painkillers.

The worst part is: Bucky looks ashamed, but he’s not ashamed enough to stop asking Steve to help. (buckyballbearing)

Everyone in this post needs Jesus.


Frank Grillo on the set of Captain America: Civil War on May 19, 2015. 

[…] it will be Crossbones (in costume) who will be the catalyst that kicks off the film, instigating an attack that causes much death and destruction, causing the government to step in and put out the Superhero Registration Act.

The other element that will be a key focus is The Winter Soldier, whose existence is the big question as he has the ability to be a hero, but has also been a villain. This causes the main rift between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, as the disagreement leads them to opposing sides.

JoBlo on the Captain America: Civil War story.


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