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what are your favorite shoes? can be a pair you own, or a pair you’d like to own. <3

OMG, shoes.  I have SUCH a collection.  Sadly, I don’t really have a lot of places to wear my fancy ones anymore, and as such, all of my high heels and fancy flats live in a bin in my storage closet.

This is my usual rotation of shoes:


From left to right:

  • Black RocketDog flip flops, which will not be relegated to the closet until there is snow on the ground.  I’m on my second pair of these and I live in fear that I won’t be able to replace them when they finally die.  They have nice, thick spongy soles and solid, webbed thongs and are pretty much my go-to shoes for quick out of the house things. Also, the only shoes I wear in the summer (unless I’m going fancy, then I break out the gladiator sandals).
  • A pair of slip-on sneakers for rainy days, or days when my feet need a little more protection (like Union games, or events with a lot of walking involved).
  • A pair of black Keen mary janes, which I bought recently to replace an old pair that had developed a terminal foot-funk smell and were fading from black to gray.  Unfortunately these don’t fit quite right thanks to my very wide and oddly shaped feet.  They are, however, full leather uppers so I’m still on the fence about keeping them and trying to stretch them out to fit versus selling them while they only have a few wears on them.
  • BRIGHT RED WORK CLOGS.  These are Timberlands in red patent leather and I LOFF THEM SO MUCH.  Our work uniform color is navy blue, so I wanted something that would really pop against that.  It had to be red — one should always have a pair of red shoes in their arsenal for when one needs a bright color pop while not being too ostentatious.  As an added bonus, I get a LOT of comments on them at work from patients and they make a great conversation starter.  Plus they’re fluid-proof and can be wiped down with the bleach wipes we use at work.  The only downside is that because of the way I walk, the leather always cracks where my foot flexes.  This was a problem with my old Danskos, too, and the reason why I had to replace them before they were legitimately dead.
  • New Balance trail runners.  For the days when my feet are too swollen for the clogs.  These are lightweight and have highly textured, grippy soles.  While not strictly slip-proof they do better on slick surfaces than typical running shoes.  The only downside is that they lack the hardcore insoles that I like when I’m doing 12+ hours on my feet.
  • Nike Reax.  The New Balances were actually supposed to replace these, but I feel like the Nike’s still have some life left in them, so they get to stay for now in case the New Balance suffer a bodily-fluid related incident that requires a time-consuming cleaning process.

Shoes I WANT, oh man.  I NEED a pair of black, knee high gothy/tactical-ish boots like BURNING.  But thanks to my fat calves (seriously fat; we’re talking 20-21” and I can rarely even get SOCKS to fit that — yes even from Sock Dreams) I think the only way I’m going to get that is to order custom and I just don’t have that kind of money to drop on boots right now.  Even if they’re my dream boots.  I simply wouldn’t wear them enough to make it worthwhile.

I also desperately want a pair of brown, knee-high steampunk-y boots, but will probably never have them for the same reasons.  I do I have one pair of brown suede knee-boots that I can (just barely) zip up, but they have high heels and no insoles to speak of, so the amount of time I can wear them is really limited.  

Oh!  I also have these:


Not for walking, obviously and I think I’ve only had them on the one time, but every time I open my closet I look lovingly at the box.  >;D