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@themightyif replied to your post:@themightyif replied to your post “Just once I…I wouldn’t…

I wouldn’t laugh! I was just wondering what your ideal “type” was. And nobody’s out of your or anyone’s league, because there’s no universal beauty standard. Different people like different things and you’re as liable to be amazing to someone like that as to someone the opposite of that. That might sound like empty rhetoric, but consider this: If you think some people are out of your league, what are telling people who you think are *in* your league? Did you mean that?

Well, I mean, I think that I’m saying that the people that I fuck aren’t necessarily the people that I or anyone else would find to be conventionally “attractive” and also that I have fucked people who are the top of the “pretty” scale and they were nothing to write home about, so attractiveness isn’t necessarily an indicator of either sexual prowess or beauty – and vice versa – with regards to my personal standards, but just once in my life I would like someone who is, conventionally, BOTH?

I mean, anyway, that’s what I was going for.