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So as many of you may have noticed, I dearly love @dorkbait‘s…

So as many of you may have noticed, I dearly love @dorkbait‘s art and I have been supporting her on Patreon for a while now.

My July request was this amazing Steve Rogers in nothing but the American flag, and when I told her I HAD to have the original she was not only gracious enough to oblige me for only little bit more money (artists are underappreciated and gotta live – so many people forget that my first degree is in art and I had to quit because I undersold myself big time), but she ALSO included the original of one of my previous requests: this amazing Bucky/Nat in formalwear attending the opera/ballet.  I can’t wait to find a frame for this and hang it in my slowly-growing fandom art collection.  It’s been my phone background since she first posted the digital print and it makes me smile every time I see it, so I am SO happy to have the original in my home and shortly on my wall.  

TL;DR:  Katie is awesome and if you can’t afford to donate via Patreon, save up!  Her Kickstarter for her next art book just closed and I hear she’s planning something awesome for Inktober which I’m betting you will be able to purchase in full when it’s all said and done.