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Send me hearts


  • 💖 – I admire you
  • 💓 – You give me feels
  • 💜 – You’re intimidating
  • 💌  – We should talk more
  • 💟 – How are you so cute
  • 💝 – Love seeing you on my dash
  • 💗 – I miss interacting with you
  • 💞 – You’re amazing at ______
  • 💘  – I’m crushing on you
  • 💕  – I ship you with ______ 
  • ♥ – You make me uncomfortable

Hi yes I had a really exhausting day and my brain feels like sad mush so if you are able to do the thing I’d really like it if you did the thing.  <3 (Anon is on)

AO3 Tags Meme!

Go to your works page, expand all the filters, and answer the following questions!

@violsva​ tagged me!  

Because my fic count is so low I opted not to count ties and took my rankings from the order they were listed in the tags list.  

1. What’s your first and second most common work ratings? Any surprises?

  • Explicit (7)
  • General Audiences (5)

Apparently I don’t do anything by halves.  XD

2. What’s your most common archive warning? Least common? Do you consider yourself an adventurous writer?

  • No Archive Warnings Apply (10)
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (1)

Adventurous?  Sure.  I mean, I did write the sounding and catheter play fic.  Put my name on it and everything.  So uh.  Yeah?  That happened.  And something similar will probably happen again.  *jazzhands*

3. How many fics have you written in each relationship category? Is this more accidental, or do you have preferences?

  • Gen (5)
  • M/M (4)
  • F/M (3)
  • Multi (1)

Mostly accidental in that I write whatever’s speaking to me at the time (beggars can’t be choosers).  But that’s very much informed by my own preferences, which are … fairly broad?  Honestly I’m surprised I haven’t written more Multi works, judging by how hard I stan of “Everyone is poly because Avengers.”

4. What are your top 4 fandoms by numbers? Are you still active in any of them, and do you tend to migrate a lot?

  • Sherlock (TV) (6)
  • Captain America (Movies) (5)
  • The Avengers (Marvel Movies) (2)
  • Harry Potter – J. K. Rowling (1)

Haha, you can really see how much I don’t write.  XD  I’m mostly active in Cap/Avengers, a toe or two still in Sherlock (Mary Morstan and Molly Hooper and Janine Hawkins FIGHT ME) and I still appreciate Harry Potter but I don’t read or write there any more (but I still consider myself capable of being enticed back … but first I should probably read books 6 and 7…)

5. What are your top 4 character tags? Does this match how you feel about the characters, or are you puzzled?

  • Molly Hooper (4)
  • James “Bucky” Barnes (4)
  • Steve Rogers (4)
  • John Watson (4)

I am not puzzled in the least.  XD  This also reminds me that at one point Bucky Barnes and Mary Watson were going to sit down over coffee and talk about being ex-assassins trying to make new lives for themselves while also babysitting SOs with serious impulse problems.

6. What are your top 2 most used additional tags, and your bottom 2? What would happen if you combined all 4 of these into a fic?


  • Angst (2)
  • Dead Dove: Do Not Eat (1)


  • Sub Steve Rogers (1)
  • Catheters (1)

…welp.  I mean.  I could.  We could.  No, you know, some things might be left better unexplored for the time being.

7. How many WIPs do you have currently running on AO3? Any you don’t plan on finishing?

I don’t post WiPs on AO3 because I know me and I don’t want to be cruel to people who just came to read a story.  I probably have upwards of 30 things in my Scriv folder just hanging out tho.  Mostly fic, some original stuff.  

8. Tag 5 people!

Tag you’re all it!

Type the name of your favorite character into the new gif feature and post what you get first























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lol this was too funny after that last gif…

Okay today is Faramir Appreciation Day and

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look what I found

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Well they’re not wrong.

Stolen from @moonblossom

Rules: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better whoever you can find in one of those activity lists

Relationship status: Well-loved and occasionally well-fucked but I could do better for myself in the “long term serious relationship” bracket.

Favourite color: Purple, followed closely by red, black and silver.

Wake up time: Usually around 6am, unless I have to open and then it’s 5am.  “Sleeping in” is now 7am.

Cats or dogs: Cats.

Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi.

Call or text: Text

Chapstick or lipstick: Neither.  I don’t like it when my lips are greasy.

Last song i listened to: Intentionally?  Tom Sawyer by Rush.  Last song I heard in the course of my day?  Couldn’t tell ya.

Not up to tagging, so see it want it take it!