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regularpolyhedra: lux-obscura answered your question:Elliot Spencer and Bucky Barnes would get…


AGREE. (If only ‘cause I want to read the shit outta that, but still.)

I KNOW RIGHT. Also Nat just looking at Parker like “yes. good. i would like to keep this one.”

OH MY GOD the emergency hair braiding and infiltration sessions would be EPIC.

The Sharon/Steve thing that no one asked for that I am spite-writing anyway:

Anger flashes in her for a moment.  She wants to throw her mug at the wall, shake him, demand to know why he came here looking for answers she can’t give him.  Like she didn’t – doesn’t – spend every day chewing on the guilt of what she did for SHIELD, looking for ways to make herself square with herself, with the world, how much she would give to be square with Steve but she knows that’s not going to happen.  Her fists clench, nails digging into her palms, curled so tight her hands do shake visibly now.  Then she hears Steve shift just slightly and it breaks the spell.  She forces herself to take a slow, deep breath.  Then another.  Her hands uncurl.  Whatever anger she’s feeling, Steve is probably carrying ten-fold and she has no right to try and put hers on him as well.