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weirdlet:maichan808:Here is my third and final Stucky Big Bang…



Here is my third and final Stucky Big Bang piece. The armor is based on this character design, while the background is lovingly stolen adapted from Mucha.

Art for Winter’s Knight by waffilicious (Fairytale AU)
Steve’s life is turned upside-down when, on a visit to his favorite park, he finds his best friend, Bucky, dressed in what looks like very intense Ren Faire armor and claiming to be the Winter Knight of the Unseelie Court. Pulled into the world of Faerie, Steve is determined to find out exactly what’s happened to Bucky and bring him back home to the human world.

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helshades: mellisart: They confirmed Steve Rogers was done…



They confirmed Steve Rogers was done being Captain America so can we PLEASE have Steve become the Nomad instead

the Boob Window™ has to live on 

You gotta love the filmmakers’ trolling about this:

Joe Russo:

I cannot wait to put Chris Evans in the Nomad outfit.

Stephen McFeely:

He just got back from his fitting, right?

Christopher Markus:

Yeah, you cut it all the way down to the bellybutton.

Joe Russo:

Yeah. No, it went past the navel.

Christopher Markus:

Just a hint of things to come down there.

Joe Russo:

There is a lot of character in that chest of Chris’s.

They know.