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Clint Barton in color palette 28 for lux-obscura as a thank you for supporting me on Patreon! She said:

I was sitting out back today and I noticed the shadows are
starting to get awfully long at 5:30/5:45 in the evening. There’s a
little change in the air and I like it. For whatever reason that made
me think of Clint Barton and farms (I think he lived on one as a kid in
Iowa, and then there’s the secret AOU farm) and late summer days that
are a different kind of warmth and light from high summer.

I hope I did her very evocative prompt justice.

Eeeee I love it. I imagine that the next photo is Clint under a pile of kids and a dog. Laura’s handing him coffee and smiling.

(Look, say what you will about AOU [I know I did] but the idea of Clint happy on the farm with Laura and the kids and Auntie Nat is just a total squee for me, k? K!)