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#u kno what i still want #i haven’t been trawling ao3 lately so i don’t know if it already exists but like #where’s my AU where steve and bucky get gifted to the newly-enthroned king at the wakandan court #as bioengineered supersoldiers retrofitted into docile sexpet bodyguards #while actually being undercover supersoldier shield agents tasked with keeping t’challa safe from several suspected assassination plots #that shield kinda wants to deal with quietly without alerting t’challa #t’challa: …you’re gifting me /slaves/ #natasha: think of them as bedwarmers #t’challa: /eyes bucky’s scars and steve’s muscles from where they’re both naked and patient by natasha’s feet #bucky: meow #t’challa: r e a l l y #t’challa doesn’t want them because they are obviously not sexpets #but it’s not like he can openly reject this diplomatic gift in the middle of court when he’s so fresh on the throne #he just kind of puts his face in his hands and sets them up in a separate room #wayyyy down the hall #t’challa: i want them fed and bathed and if they must they can wander the private gardens but they will Leave Me Alone #and his dora milaje convey the orders and steve and bucky end up in his quarters anyway #t’challa: I HAVE NO USE FOR YOU #bucky: /rolls over and exposes his belly #steve is so terrible at being convincing that he can’t get t’challa to warm up to him the way bucky can #bucky: /eventually gets scalp scritches and belly pets and gets to sit on the floor and lean against t’challa’s leg while he does paperwork #steve: /crawls in anxious circles on the bed #no sex ever happens because honestly no matter how much steve presents or bucky whines #t’challa’s not going to take advantage of a sexpet’s skewed consent #t’challa: i will spoon you and pet your hair but that is all you’re going to get #bucky: /snuffles #but they do get happily cuddly and t’challa gets so used to them around he bedecks them gloriously in jewelery #t’challa: why the fuck not this is weird enough already #t’challa: hmm that’s quite fetching #and yes steve and bucky eventually break character to save t’challa’s life (via @requiodile)



“Didn’t know you liked to cook,” Steve said, after perusing her bookshelves at length.

Maria Hill shrugged in response, a little sheepish. “I do in theory,” she said, “and sooner or later I’ll have the time to do it in practice. That’s a classic, anyway, and the author’s a favorite of mine.”

Steve nodded in understanding. He’d missed enough life drawing classes  for the sake of various missions, certainly, even since waking up. Cooking hadn’t even made the list of potential hobbies yet.

A thought occurred to Hill. “You might have met her, actually,” she told him. “She was in the OSS.”

Steve considered this. “Name doesn’t ring a bell,” he said. “I knew a Child– Paul, I think it was– who took me and the rest of the squad to dinner in London once with some muckety-mucks. Too fancy for us by half, but it was good food.”

“That’s her husband!” Hill said, face lighting up. “She married him after the war. You’d know if you met her, though, she was six foot two with a voice like a foghorn–”

“Hey, yeah!” Steve said in surprise. “Julia McWilliams, sure, I remember her. Only woman I knew who stood taller than me in heels, after the serum. Good analyst, too. I didn’t know she liked to cook.”

“She didn’t, ‘til after the war,” Hill said.

“Well, whaddaya know,” Steve said.

Later, he looked her up on Youtube, and there she was, large as life, perhaps a little grayer than he remembered, but dismembering lobsters with immense good cheer.

“Huh,” Steve said, to no one in particular. “Julia McWilliams. Who’d have thought.”

So. Much. Win. 

Want to see him reacting to the “sometimes, it doesn’t work right. My advice?” Pitches the pan’s contents into trash. “Throw it out and start over: it’s cooking, not the Mona Lisa.” Moment on the PBS show.