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marvel-owl: Look at the fear in his eyes in that last gif. This…


Look at the fear in his eyes in that last gif. This may be the first time the Winter Soldier has ever lost a fight. If he lost a fight on a mission he would die, as simple as that (unless he was captured, but my headcanon is that HYDRA would have programed contingencies for that, because they wouldn’t want anyone else getting their hands on their Asset.) And even during training they would have wanted to drill into him that failure was never an option so the consequences would have been severe and painful. He doesn’t remember much but he knows there are consequences for failure.

@theshift-change replied to your post “Fic Recs?”

Ok, I never have asked or really even read anything like this BUT.. How about… Bucky and Falcon comparing hilarious notes on Steve get around to how well he kisses?

OH MY GODDDDDDD, I haven’t read anything like this either, but I totally would.  Especially after the Civil War Sam/Bucky buddy-cop subplot that I loved at least as much as I love air.


For those of you I talked to about CACW before the official premier, the MacGuffin I was so annoyed about was the fucking Supersoldier Bucky Bible that has EVERYTHING WRITTEN IN IT including the DOOR CODE TO THE BASE.  

Like, that whole thing just bothered me so badly that here was basically The Answer Key to All Of Bucky (and probably all of the Winter Soldier program) and no one for a minute is like, “Hey, we should get that!”  Nevermind the fact that it should never have existed in the first place (yeah you can’t hack a book but you sure can steal one).  

I mean, there are other things too but this just bugs me.

(Would I buy a blank book that looked like that if someone sold one tho?  Absofuckin’-lutely.)