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Potential Civil War Spoilers?

Ok, so this pic is a screen grab right off Marvel’s website (they put up their Civil War merch collection and I am weak) so it’s not like I had to go hunting for it.  Just look at it and tell me if you’ve got the feeling I’ve got.

There’s also a Falcon vs. War Machine set but it didn’t fit neatly in the pic.

I’ve got a feeling…

Aren’t Black Widow and Iron Man supposed to be on the same team?  Everyone else is paired off with someone from their opposite, so I would EXPECT Black Widow vs. Hawkeye.  

Wouldn’t you expect Iron Man vs. Cap at the top of the charts?  Like, that’s the whole crux of the movie, right?  So why is Iron Man “vs.” Black Widow?  I think people who had been speculating that Natasha was putting her espionage skills to use are dead on the money.

(And also I refuse to believe that the Russos would treat Natasha as poorly as Joss did with her abrupt detour into Hulkville and don’t want to think that they’ve Joss’d all the great relationship building and growth they did between Natasha and Steve in Winter Soldier.)