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anyway why does benedict cumberbatch keep getting cast as those tall, silent, broody, intimidating types when his best role to date is a tiny anxious pilot with a superiority complex who screams constantly that’s what i’d like to know

I really need Benedict to do more comedies. I really miss this genius:

Oh my god, yes.

I feel his sense of comedic timing is criminally underappreciated, as is his physicality. The man can do more than loom and brood, people.



you: marvel doesn’t make bad movies


you fucked up a perfectly good franchise is what you did. look at it. it’s got benedict cumberbatch.

I love BC (still) but I have exactly zero good feelings towards this movie. Ben, fire your agent and think about your life choices. Marvel, hire the Russos to run the entire Avengers franchise.

Also, I beg to differ, Marvel does make bad movies. They also made Ant Man.