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Hi! I haven’t seen you around for a while and just wanted to let you know that you were in my thoughts. Hope life is treating you well, and if it isn’t, I hope you are able to get some moments of comfort and respite from your troubles. Take care. xx

Thanks anon.  I’m still alive, and things are ok.  I just don’t have the mental energy I used to for tumblr, so I’ve been staying away.

I know, I never thought I’d see the day either.  But here we are.  Thanks for reaching out.  <3

Re: grad school. I went back to university in my mid 40s to do a PhD (I’m 52 now). It’s been great! I had worked as a clinician for 20 years and was burnt out. I feel I’ve been woken up intellectually + I’ve got enthusiasm for my clinical work again. It was tough in many ways + I never fitted in with the other PhD students because I was old enough to be their mum. But, no PhD stress could ever match the stress of my clinical work! If you decide to do it, I think you might thrive on it. :-)

And you know, I think I would too!  I was a non-traditional student through nursing school.  I started in my late 20s and graduated just shy of age 31, which I feel brought an interesting perspective to my practice, as someone who has Seen Some Shit.  And I think working in informatics would really be my groove, because a) most EMR programs used today were designed by programmers whose medical experience includes “having been to the doctor” and I want to change that b) I’m concerned with the amount of data we’re collecting on people and what it’s being used for and c) I want to know what’s meaningful in those piles of (probably) unsorted data and I want to know what we can use, what we can drop, and what we can collect more of to help patients.  Like, if I had felt just a little more confident in college (the first time) I probably would have majored in CompSci or something similar.  But I do really love nursing and I want to see how I can bring all that together.

I’m already working on  Process Improvement and data-gathering project at my current job, just because I’m interested in it.  That was kind of my flag that healthcare informatics might be for me.  

My hesitations are twofold:  

  1. I am worried about maintaining my rocky mental health while going to grad school and working full time.  I think I will be OK, because schoolwork I actually like sort of puts me in a meditative state of “do the interesting things!” but I’m worried that any difficulties in school could potentially derail me at my job and in life.
  2. I am, as always, worried about the price tag.  My place of employment does offer some tuition reimbursement and realistically I know that no matter what I will be paying off my student loans until the end of time.  My only comfort is that when I die, I will PROBABLY have no next of kin for the government to bother about my balance due.  Because let’s face it, I’m never getting out from under this debt.  Which is sort of a fatalistic way of laughing in the face of total ruin while making minimum payments for the rest of my existence.  

BUT.  Even in the face of that, the idea of doing something that is both interesting and reduces my stress in light of (hopefully) fewer face-to-face interactions with strangers on a daily basis + fewer administrators breathing down my neck about “DO MORE FOR/WITH LESS!” is reeeeeeeally tempting.

Thank you so much for sharing your story, anon!  They’re comforting words to hear.  

Hi sweetie, you are gorgeous and you have adorable body, can you share pussy pics??

Oh my dear sweet summer anon.  Had you been around here long enough, you would know that I already have.  Or, that I keep an alternate blog for that very thing.  

Alas, blind, halfhearted, anonymous flattery isn’t enough to induce me to comply with your request, so I set you loose at the mercy of the internet.  My pussy is on it somewhere, if you care to look.

What’s your favourite kitchen utensil? Favourite household appliance? Favourite piece of practical computer software? Favourite basic tool?

I think my favorite utensil is a whisk.  I just can’t replicate the way it mixes by using a fork or even a mixer.  They’re hell to clean though.

Favorite appliance is probably my George Foreman grill.  It heats evenly and cooks from both sides at the same time, saving me the trouble of trying to flip my food.  I burn a lot less meat and my grilled cheeses are crunchier since I started using mine more.

Practical computer software has to be Word.  Yes, I know, MS’s bloated word processor.  But it’s kind of the default anymore (and I say that bitterly, being raised on WordPerfect) and there’s something comforting in knowing that whatever computer I sit down at, it will probably have Word and I can bend that program to my will to create pretty much anything I might want or need.

Favorite basic tool is a drill.  It makes big holes, it makes tiny holes, it puts screws in, and it has FAR fewer sharp pieces than a power saw.