I hear these alarms in my sleep. I always carried an extra bottle of prop for transports along with some backup Ativan because you never know when your completely snowed trauma patient is going to decide the ET tube makes his lungs itch and try to rip that sucker out and you have about 2 seconds of warning before you have to explain to respiratory why’re you’re calling them stat from the elevator.





As most of my followers know I’ve had it very hard these last few years. My cat has been the one thing that has made living like this bearable. I’ve lost my job, my independence and have become very stressed. Tiger Lily is my whole world. My cat is a loyal and loving girl and she means everything to me. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been broken only to try again because of her. My personal situation means I spend a lot of time alone and Lily makes it bearable. She will come and smother me with affection when I feel empty, she is everything to me.
I was made to leave my job. I’ve tried so hard to find work but as you all know I failed. I don’t claim any sort of benefits at all. But now my baby is poorly and she needs medical treatment. I can’t afford it as i even struggle to pay for her food and litter. I am in tears while I type this, the thought of failing my Lily when she needs me is killing me. The thought of loosing her makes my heart break. She’s in pain and I can’t take it. I have borrowed money for her first appointment but I need your help for the rest. Please help me to pay her vet fees. I will show you all the paperwork from the vets. She needs to go back asap so the vet can continue her treatment.
She has a heart murmur and something wrong with her intestines.
I set up a gofundme account for this. If you could click on the link and donate, I would appreciate it so so much. I have included my PayPal too if anyone wants to use that. Even if you can’t donate please reblog/keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I can’t loose my cat. I can’t. Please. She is my family. I can’t do this by myself. Please Tumblr help me. Thank you for reading this.


Signal Boost for Lily.  Please donate or help spread the word.

Please spread the word, this is legit.

Ripley would very much like it if you could help another kitty out by donating and/or signal boosting.




That bodyguard from Civil War? Yeah Florence Kasumba. You’re welcome😉

All the brothas was whooing when she entered the scene and told Black widow to move

i got FUCKED UP when she stomped in i didnt know her but i was ready for her i fell in love i want a movie about her

THANK YOU to the person that found her name holy shit sign me up for more of her.