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This is Superman.


Superman is a tiny tiny little rooster who unfortunately was a little bit stunted in the growth area when he was a little chick.   


Brother and sister, born at the exact same time.

He eventually caught up but by then the flock had basically bullied him so much for being tiny he’d been entirely ostracized and turned into a complete loner so now he has to live all by himself over with the cows, but he doesn’t care one bit because now he’s the leader of four big brown four legged chickens and honestly who can say that.


Also he’s super-cuddly.

I love him.

my name is Cow
i haf to bend
so i can see
my tiny frend
he cares for me
and all the herd 
i care for him
i lik the burd

reblogging for the poem

May this meme never, ever die.

Sexting On A Saturday

Him:  *repeatedly sending pictures of him frantically jerking off as we sext*  Let me see you touch yourself, please, c’mon…

Me:  *stoned on the couch in my PJs, eating cheese puffs and watching YouTube*  Dude, this isn’t even my A-game.  *sends a tit pic from three weeks ago*  Work for it.

Proof that reading and writing really hot, thoughtful porn has pretty much ruined me for most other forms of textual sex.  

Living The Trash Life

Six orgasms between two people by 11:45 Wednesday morning, I’m already well stoned and he’s done work until Friday night.

Last night I gorged on Five Guys in some liminal strip mall. Later tonight we’re playing high-stakes bingo somewhere.

If this is sin then I wish no virtue.