So I know I haven’t been around like, at all lately, but I just wanted to post to say that the early…

So I know I haven’t been around like, at all lately, but I just wanted to post to say that the early hours of Thanksgiving day are maybe NOT the best time to send out automated rejection letters, grad school.

Well.  At least I’m spared the difficult decision of whether or not I’m actually going.  

Now I’m going to go feel not-good-enough and make the hell out of a green bean casserole because what else can you do?


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Apparently Judi Dench got bored one day and they created a Les Mis barricade character for her in  May 2004 for just one performance.

Holy shit that must have  been hilarious to see.

Here’s a picture:


Dame Judi Dench in Les Mis (May 2004)

“As the show started, the announcement was made: ‘At tonight’s performance the role of Javert will be played by Nic Greenshields, the role of Enjolras will be played by Alexis James, and in Act Two in the barricade scene Dame Judi Dench will appear as Madam Lafarge’.

“And, indeed, Dame Judi appeared in a suitably drab costume and mob-cap. She handed some ammunition up the barricade; she helped tie Javert to the chair; she was then hit by a flying bullet and sank dramatically over a table and was then helped offstage by one of the chorus. In total – say just under two minutes onstage!

“Dame Judi is appearing in the theatre next door and apparently has some 45 minutes between scenes. Yesterday she popped next door and said it would be fun if she could walk on at the start of the barricade scene since she had the time available and is a great fan of ‘Les Mis’. They had a quick five minute rehearsal between shows yesterday and tonight – on she went.”
(source including more photos)

That is the best thing I’ve ever heard.

Dame Judi Dench is awesome and we have been blessed by her presence.